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Facial Esthetics

Are you interested in non-invasive esthetic treatments to enhance your beauty and erase time? Dr. Lilia Martinez Cyr is a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics and provides esthetic treatments in a comfortable and caring environment. Come in for a personalized consultation and treatment.


Botox and Xeomin are minimally-invasive injectable treatments used to rest the neurons that innervate your facial muscles. By reducing the stimulation of these muscles, deep expression lines are significantly reduced, defying time and gravity.

Commonly treated sites are the forehead, between the eyes (glabellar region), around the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet) and around the lips (smokers lines or gummy smile).

Smiling Mature Woman with Gray Hair
Pretty Ginger Girl
Portrait of a Beautiful Smiling Woman

BOTOX is an excellent way to prevent wrinkles from setting and also an effective way to achieve a nonsurgical eyebrow lift.

botox recommended dose.JPG

Recommended Botox Dosage Units

Dermal and Lip Fillers

With time, skin loses collagen and moisture. Dermal Fillers are injectable treatments of hyaluronic acid gel, which attracts and retains water where injected to achieve fullness and reduce lines. Dermal fillers not only add volume, but can stimulate collagen growth.  Juvederm and Belotero Balance are amongst the well-known products provided for volumizing injectables.

Natural Lip Gloss
Girl Eating an Apple

Lip Fillers are increasing in popularity because they are both a safe and effective method  for enhancing your lip shape and fullness.

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