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Our entire team is fully vaccinated!

Our team is routinely tested for COVID-19 as our own office policy.

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- We will ask questions regarding your recent travel, COVID-19 symptoms,  and contact with COVID + people prior to your appointment.

-Appointments may take longer as we are limiting exposure to other patients and may need to have you wait while another patient is being dismissed so that there is limited interaction with others. 

- A  COVID- 19 related questionnaire will be given to you prior to your appointment, please answer honestly. All forms are confidential.

- We may ask you to wait in your vehicle when possible to limit interactions with other patients. Please call the office when you arrive and we will let you know when your treatment room and provider are ready.

- We are limiting appointments to patients only and not allowing guests of patients unless absolutely necessary.

-  Your Temperature will be recorded as well as pulse oximeter checks may be performed.

- A pre-treatment antiviral rinse will be administered.

- We may ask you to keep your mask on while in the treatment room and not receiving active treatment (example, while signing consent).

-Our facility has always used virucidal and antibacterial cleaning agents that are effective against pathogens including coronaviruses, however, cleaning procedures and PPE changes may take longer between scheduled patients. Please be patient with us as your safety is our top priority.

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